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Unlock your Telus BlackBerry Storm 9530


Telus BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unlocking Details

By default the BlackBerry Storm 9530 that you purchased from Telus is "locked." Locks offer no benefits to you; they only benefit the network carrier.

A "lock" is a restriction that Telus adds to your BlackBerry Storm 9530, that forces you to use it with their network.

If you want to use your Telus Blackberry with a different network you need to Unlock it.

That's where we can help!

Our Service

For a few dollars we provide you with your phones manufacturer-authorized unlock code. This code is based on a 15 digit number called the IMEI# and is found on your  phone by going to Options -> Status   or  by pressing *#06#

How it works

  • Fill out your IMEI# in the form below, click Add to cart and complete checkout.          (You can also submit your IMEI# when checking out)
        Go to Options -> Status to see the 15 digit IMEI#
  • We will process your order and email you with your phones unlock code and easy-to-follow entry instructions.
  • Enter the Unlock code and your phone will be Permanently Unlocked! It's easy as 1-2-3!

Unlock Code Delivered to you in only   1 - 30  minutes 
(From 9am - 1am PST  7 days a week)

Unlocking Benefits
  • Reduces costs on calls and SMS messages by changing the SIM to lower priced networks or local networks when traveling
  • Increases resale value (up to 300%) by making your phone compatible with more networks
  • After Unlocking your Blackberry you will be able to use it with any GSM network worldwide!
  • Unlocking is 100% permanent
Click here for more benefits of unlocking your Blackberry 

Our Guarantees offers a 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee and a lowest price guarantee. Our customer support team is available via email 24/7.

We 100% Guarantee to unlock your cellphone or we will refund you in full

How To Enter Your BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unlock Code

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